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 Excellent quality is our strong belief. In search of excellence, very staff devotes his/her effort to quality endlessly. In every manufacturing process, we use accurate inspection apparatus to control quality effectively and apply 100% electric strength testing to ensure the quality of every products. Furthermore, we established a testing laboratory, which equipped with the most advanced equipment to ensure products' reliability.
Quality Control Department line
QC Staff : 65
1. I.Q.C
2. P.Q.C
3. O.Q.A
4. Q.E
5. Customers' Serve
6. Testing Laboratory
Major Inspection & Testing Equipments
Production Line
Testing Laboratory
Electric Tester High-Frequency Spark Tester Laser Micrometer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Aging Oven Tester
Cord Winding Crack Tester
Flexible Cable Flexing Tester
Flame Tester
Water / Oil Resistant Tester
Plug Bending Tester
Plug Tumbling Barrel Tester
Temperature Rise Test
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